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Only a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, Lawyer or Quebec Notary can represent you or provide professional immigration advice and charge a fee for consultation services. 

If Citizenship and Immigration Canada determines that an unlicensed Consultant has provided immigration advice and charged a fee, your choice of an illegal representative could cause your application to be refused for two years based on misrepresentation.

Lawyers are expensive and don't always have specialized training in the field of Immigration.  Canclear Immigration Consultants are affordable and have undergone specialized training in order to provide the expertise you need to come to Canada.

You don't have to hire someone to complete your immigration application but our immigration experts will provide the help and guidance and guarantee less application delays and have a higher success rate in completing and delivering your immigration needs.  If you want to complete your own application and only have one or two simple questions?  Try our phone or email consultation program under Service Fees.